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    Inside Our Demo Helicopter Rides In A Bell 429 In Jakarta

    The helicopter revolution is subtle but powerful enough for the future
    By Liviani Cinthyana on Mar 08, 2018

    Indonesia Tatler had a wonderful and exciting opportunity to try out a Bell 429 helicopter at Halim Perdanakusuma Airport recently, and boy was it exciting.

    First, the concept that most people have about helicopter rides is that they are not luxurious or comfortable. Yet we were proven wrong when we saw the Bell helicopter up close and experienced a short ride across Jakarta that was both exhilarating and, surprisingly, comfortable.

    Hailing from America, the advantage of choosing a Bell helicopter is the fact that you can customise it according to your needs, whether it is for corporate use, as an ambulance, or for emergency missions. With a smooth and quiet ride, you won’t even feel like you’re inside a helicopter with the large blades on top of you.

    Bell Helicopter has its own customer service facility in Cibubur, Jakarta, where it has partnered up with PT Kalimasada Pusaka for all maintenance and customisation work in the city, so if you are interested in charter services or want to purchase a helicopter, you can rest assured about the maintenance work.

    For our demo flight, the helicopter was customised for corporate use, with comfortable plush seats and modern control panels for the pilots. The cabin houses four seats with ample legroom and headroom, so we could truly relax and enjoy the amazingly broad views of Jakarta, which looked like it had been splashed with paint shades of green, red, grey, and brown.

    With the ongoing traffic situation in Jakarta, don’t you wish for a future in which helicopter rides becomes the norm and it turns into a reliable public transportation option for people living in the city? Well, according to Leigh-Ann Subuh, Business Development Manager of Bell Helicopter, there is the strong possibility of such a scenario in the future.

    But even now, there is already a mobile application called Helicity with which you can book helicopter rides like you can order any online car-hire service. With such tremendous possibilities, we might see more helicopters in the sky soon. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!


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